Sleepy Sleepy Sleeps

I think I need my medicines fixed again.

Before my provider changed the dosages of my pills, I was pretty clear headed and able to focus. Now, I’m dizzy all of the time, foggy, and unable to focus. I just want to have a normal life–I have to have energy. I know if I go off of my meds, my head will clear and I will be more energetic. Staying on my meds keeps me from being suicidal, though. It’s a rock and a hard place. My weight is pissing me off, too. I’m just all sorts of messed up, I guess.

Last night, Covey basically had to force me to go into the craft room to work on one of my projects that she is helping me with. It felt like a huge chore! Just doing a face-up on a doll felt like it took forever, and it came out…okay. Not my best. Definitely not the worst I’ve ever done, though. Thankfully, the doll looks very good once her wig was on and styled. The outfit looks good, too! I guess I’m just feeling blah about everything.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m kind of ill? My cousin brought her daughter over to my Gram’s a few days ago. She was running a fever of about 102 degrees. My Gram got sick shortly after, as did Covey and me. I’m hoping that it doesn’t spread to my Grandpa, as he’s still healing from his double surgeries (one on his back, and one for his ankle/leg from where his nurses freakin’ dropped him!). Poor Covey’s just as messed up and foggy as I am, so it’s probably just being sick that’s doing it to us.

My binder came in last week. I love it. Covey bought it for me. So far, I’ve only worn it twice, but that’s because I’m in more of a female mindset at the moment. The second I become more masculine, I’ll throw it on and rock the lack-of-breasts look. Added to that, my Gram’s best friend gave us a crap ton of clothing that she was going to donate. A lot of it is super cute and fashionable! Very feminine, of course, but for those days, they will be perfect.

Speaking of clothing, I have to sew some outfits for September (my bjd). I have an idea of what kind of styles she feels comfortable in.

Hmm…now that I’ve been awake for a bit, I feel like sewing. Maybe I’ll make a shirt or something for myself. I certainly have plenty of fabric to do so with. I really like this one style of sweat shirt/tee shirt/top?

So, yes. That’s what I’m going to do today, I believe. Whee!

(Why am I suddenly so hyper?)

IT’S D&D! (Fightin’ With the Legends of Yore)

Tomorrow begins our journey, our adventure! Coventry and I will be starting our first campaign together tomorrow evening. It’s all done over video chat on the internet, as we live far away from the rest of our group…and they live far away from each other as well!

We will be playing Tiefling twins, Balt (Covey) and Nox (me). Their last name is Honeytongue, as they are both performers. Balt is a Bard. Nox is a Sorcerer, but they work as a courtesan and singer.

As Nox is my character, I would like to introduce them to the world–

(The lighting is super bad; let me describe them below.)

Nox Honeytongue:
-Age: 21 years old
-Race: Tiefling
-Class: Sorcerer
-Gender: Nonbinary
-Sex: Intersex (both male and female parts)

-Skin tone: Light, reddish pink
-Hair color: Dark Violet/Indigo
-Eye color: Pink
-Weight: 145 lbs.
-Height: 5′ 9″

Nox Honeytongue and their twin brother, Balt, were born to a goat farmer father and a celestial being mother. After years of living with their father in the Meian Islands,the two decided to leave their home country to explore and gain their own fortunes. Traveling together, Nox and Balt are not only siblings but best friends. They mean the world to each other. Should one be harmed, the other would be devastated.

During their travels, Nox came across a Dragonborn male named Chatt Markle. They were hired for a night of pleasure that turned into nearly a week of flirting and learning about one another. Chatt gifted Nox with one of his scales, which they keep close to their heart at all times. In turn, they promised to return one day to (hopefully) settle down, finally, with him and start a family if possible.

Now, the twins have traveled into the land of Kav’Dala to seek their future.

So, yes! That’s Nox’s basic character. Of course, they are a little flirty and vain, but in the long run, they are very sweet and loving to those they deem worthy of such a thing. Should you cross them, woe to you.

Book Review: “The Ranger of Marzanna (The Goddess War, book 1)” by Jon Skovron

The Ranger of Marzanna (The Goddess War, #1)The Ranger of Marzanna by Jon Skovron
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Note: I received a free Kindle copy of this novel via the Goodreads Giveaways tab. The following review is my honest opinion.

True Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars

Honestly, I had to DNF this book. I hated to do it. I really, really did. It was well written. The characters were interesting, and I could tell that the plot was going to ramp up into something epic and amazing. For some reason, though, I was just not able to focus and connect to the story.

In this case, it truly was not the book’s fault, or the author’s fault. I just couldn’t bring myself to get attached to this novel. It’s completely my issue, and hopefully, I will pick up the story again, this time to finish it. At that point, I will give it a better review and a better chance at catching my interest.

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Dolls, Dolls, Dolls, Dollssssssss (Also Writing)

I have been working on dolls like mad lately! For starters, I have revamped my Mirodoll Lili from Belladonna to September–completely different characters. September is the lead character from a novel I am currently plotting. To achieve her look, I actually dyed my bjd to fit her skin tone! Now she is a lovely, deep brown; she looks like the earth after an autumn rain.

September’s character is transgender, MtF! She is also bisexual, and ends up in a relationship with another woman in the story. It’s a retelling of “The Beauty and the Beast,” and I wrote about it in my previous post.

For the ‘Beast’ character, I’m deciding on her overall design, but I have decided to name her Thiri (pronounced “Theory”).

Anyway, September has been dyed–yes. Now I have to make her wig and clothing, as well as do her face-up. I want her to have deep burgundy, wavy hair and yellow-brown eyes. She also wears glasses!

Other than my bjd girl, I have been working almost non-stop on a swap doll for the Final Fantasy Swap Collaboration. So far, I have the wig made (not styled), the first outfit finished (aside from the shoes), and Coventry is working on the props/accessories. I really only have to make the extras and finish the face-up. Then, at the end of the month/beginning of next month, I can ship it out.

Retelling A Tale As Old As Time; How Am I Going To Do This?

For the two of you reading this, you probably know by now that I am a sucker for retellings of “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Little Mermaid,” among others. I love fairy tales and old, fantastical love stories. My younger days were filled with Disney movies and middle-grade fantasy novels that shouted the importance of trust and love and all things magical. It stuck with me, right up through my adult years.

For years, I have attempted to write a version of “Beauty and the Beast” that I could call my own. Something that hearkened back to the original story while still being something that is uniquely Devyn Cullipher’s. I want something for people like me; people who love these old stories and ideas but need to see themselves represented within them.

The idea struck me while I was in the shower the other day–why not create a version of my favorite tales with an LGBTQ+ twist? Not just a queer romance, mind, but a romance and story that focuses on the understanding of gender identity. What if ‘Beauty’ was trans and black? What if ‘the Beast’ was a woman a lesbian or pansexual on top of that? What ifs popped up and spun around in my mind, and by the end of my steamy shower, I was grinning like a fool. This, I thought to myself, is the start of something. I love it. I love this idea. Slowly, slowly, the plot and characters are forming in my mind.

It’s going to take time. I know that. It’s been a long time since I seriously sat down to write a novel. Part of me is already feeling stressed–fears that I won’t be able to do it as I want to, etc.–but I have to push that away. If I keep being negative about this adventure, I will never accomplish anything.

As a sort of way of researching for the book, I’ve decided to get together a bunch of published retellings of fairy tales to read and reread. I may get some ideas, and I might also see some things that I do not wish to place within my own book. This will happen, of course, after I complete the two novels on my Kindle that I have to read (I won them on Goodreads Giveaways; I need to finish them first so the app doesn’t get pissy with me).

I already have a pretty wide collection of “Beauty and the Beast” style novels on my bookshelves and downloaded to my Kindle. I have a few more that I would like to collect at some point, but I think I’m good for now.

Trips and Other Things

Covey and I are going to be going on a trip to celebrate our three year wedding anniversary. It will also serve as a sort of honeymoon, as we never really had one. We will be taking the train (there is a station near our apartment) to Bridgeport, Connecticut later this month. I am super excited. A little nervous, too. Traveling always gives me a case of the worries.

We have booked an AirBnB, which is cool in and of itself. Honestly, it’s been such a long time since I’ve traveled somewhere for purely pleasure; usually, we head west to visit Covey’s family. That’s fun, of course. It’s more of a visiting family type of trip than one entirely for relaxation.

In Bridgeport, we hope to visit many of the local shops and eat at nice restaurants. There is a zoo as well, though I’m not sure if it’s open this time of year? We will see! There are some museums as well, which I’m super excited for. I love museums. One of our first dates was at a museum. It was lovely; Covey found a painting created by their favorite artist just before his death. Seeing it in person made them cry.

There are other things going on in my life right now as well. My grandfather is getting out of the hospital today. He will be going home, even if my grandmother isn’t so certain about it. It’s difficult for them; there’s really no one to stay with grandpa during the day while gram works. If he should fall…ugh. I’m worried about it, but short of moving back in with them, there’s really nothing I can do.

Job hunting isn’t going so well. I’m still sticking with it, but I haven’t heard from any of the places I have applied to. Ah, that’s not entirely true, I guess. The hospital in town replied that I do not have the correct qualifications, so they pretty much tossed my application away. Still no word from my dream job. I should probably call them next week to see if they are interested in me.

I have two dolls I have to work on; one for a swap (Final Fantasy themed) and one for a collaboration (Sci-Fi versions of Disney princesses themed; I have Elsa). Though the swap doll is going well, I am completely stumped when it comes to the Sci-Fi Princess one! I just have to sit down and sketch out some ideas, I suppose.

Writing-wise, I have ideas for a new novel. Let’s see if anything comes of that.

Story Review: “Princess Sky and the Demon” by Robin Johnson

Princess Sky and the DemonPrincess Sky and the Demon by Robin Johnson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Note: I received a free copy from Goodreads Giveaways. The following review is my honest opinion.

“Princess Sky and the Demon” is a very short story about a princess named Sky and her bodyguard who manage to stumble across a genie-like demon who is trapped in a golden tea kettle. What follows is, basically, just Sky trying to figure out good wishes without accidentally getting herself killed.

While the writing in this story was fine, I had a bit of a problem with the actual plot. Aside from the figuring out wishes thing, nothing really happens. There is no real danger, I feel. Princess Sky was written as far too intelligent and beautiful to have harm come to her.

The demon character and the bodyguard character were both a bit bland. I feel like there should have been a larger story here. It had the set up to be some kind of big adventure. Instead, we get a let down. What happened next? Is there more? Is this part of a series? The most upsetting part of the story is, simply, the conclusion. It just ends. That’s it. The end.

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