Book Review: “Beastkeeper” by Cat Hellisen

BeastkeeperBeastkeeper by Cat Hellisen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“Beastkeeper” would have been an amazing little book if not for the last chapter.


I felt like the main focus of the book was to show that, no matter how hard we try, not everything ends happily ever after. After a bit of good magic and world building, “Beastkeeper” drifts off into a darker story of trying to remain human when one has become a beast. I really enjoyed that part of the story. The characters were well written, and the language used was lyrical at times.

Then the ending happens.

It is so jarring from everything leading up to the end that I felt like I have reader’s whip-lash. I feel that the final chapter shouldn’t haven been included. Not everything needs to be so neat and shiny. Bad endings are okay! Not that it would have been a bad ending without the final chapter–it would have been more of an acceptance of fate, of true forgiveness. It would have been beautiful. Instead, I’m left with a sickly sweet taste in my mouth.

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