Visiting Family

My wife and I will be visiting family from the fifth of next month to the fourteenth. We will be in Indiana! It’s fun to visit her side of the family; I really love my mother-in-law and my step-father-in-law, as well as Gram Grove and all of the aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and everyone else that I gained when I married the love of my life.

We will be traveling, as usual, by train out to visit them. This is both exciting and nerve wracking. I love to travel, but my anxiety always rears its ugly head around this time to tell me that something horrible is going to happen.

I need to write a letter to my wife’s grandmother to let her know we are coming to visit. I suppose I could do that tonight, or maybe tomorrow to go into the mail on Monday.

In a few days, I will have everything I need to be able to do our monthly budget. Gods, I hope everything works out okay. I would really like to start saving some money toward another trip, or for emergencies. Unfortunately, when one is on SSI or SSDI, this is nearly impossible. The Social Security Administration (and really, the government) makes it difficult to get ahead in life when you are considered disabled. For example, as a married couple, we are not allowed to have anymore than $3,000 in our bank account at one time. That’s no where near enough to buy a house, for example, or to even pay off student loans.

I suppose it is what it is, however. I just have to bite my tongue and deal with it.

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