Make The Snow Go Far, Far Away

The last two weeks–or has it only been one week?–have been hell. Literal, horrible hell. Even before my cousin, Cassie, passed, my family has been going through some stuff. My grandparents are not doing well at all. For starters, my grandfather is in incredible pain right now. His back is in bad shape. He was also attacked by his dog, Wishbone (which I may have mentioned in a previous post, but I honestly don’t remember), and now, he is having issues with going to the bathroom properly. The doctor he sees wants to run some sort of test on his prostate.

Added to this, both of my grandparents have fallen multiple times over the course of the last few days. It started with my gram, who fell in her driveway. She landed on her bad knee, which, of course, caused her a ton of pain. Then, my grandpa has fallen twice since he returned home from the hospital. One of those times, he came dangerously close to smashing his head on their hug, wooden bench. That probably would have killed him.

Aside from that, my wife and I haven’t really had a chance to just be us. It’s a hard time of the year–my cousin passed, my grandparents aren’t doing well, there was Thanksgiving, and Christmas is coming up soon. I am just feeling really spent and spread thin. I want time to relax without having to worry about this, or that, or the other thing.

The other night, I made it a point to do something for myself. My favorite purse (one that I hand-made!) got dirty, so I threw it into the wash. Bad idea. The poor thing was torn apart. It was destroyed! There was no way I could fix it. Most of the fabric just shredded into strips. Thankfully, the webbing (what I used for the strap) was just fine, so I harvested what I could from the ruined purse.

Long story short, I found a quick and simple pattern online for a new purse. I edited the crap out of the original design so that I could make a bag that suits my needs. After that, I found two fabrics that I liked (one for the outer shell, and one for the lining), and some Velcro for the closure. Though I had originally intended for the purse to be floral pink on the outside and a nice, muted grey on the interior, I later decided to swap the fabrics. This allows the outside to be simple (and allows me to add pins and patches without it looking too cluttered), and it gives a nice surprise pop of color on the inside.

Last night and today, we spent time with my mom. It was alright–my mom and I were feeling like shit, so we really weren’t up to doing anything other than sleeping and watching movies. She made a super yummy quiche for dinner. Her dogs (Sasha and Amstell) are very large and they sort of smell funny, but that might be because I’m so used to our cat, Jasper, and to my grandparents’ small dogs (Wishbone and Rex).

During the night, it snowed. I am not talking about a little dusting–no! It was a ton of snow! It’s snowing now, too. Tomorrow’s commute into my appointments is going to be a bunch of slippery fun. Our city doesn’t really care about the state of the sidewalks, even this close to an elementary school. Usually, they are glare ice or completely snowed in, making it impossible to walk on them. I might have to walk in the road, which is frightening as well, as many drivers don’t watch where they are going.

At any rate, I am getting ready to go into the craft room to work on my new bullet journal. I need to finish making it–binding it and everything. So I will do that before I go to bed. I just need some ‘me’ time. Some ‘Devyn’ time.

Yeah. Devyn Time.